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Default The marketplace for Distance Learning Programs - distance learning

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The marketplace for Distance Learning Programs - distance learning

distance learning

The marketplace for distance learning Programs is split into 3 segments specifically K-12 Learning, educational activity learning and company Learning. It ought to be clear that "distance learning" in today's follow includes on-line learning, eLearning, versatile learning and emulsified learning. In 2012, the marketplace for distance learning is calculable by analysts to be at US$90 billion. it's projected that it'll reach US$220 billion by 2017 within which the equivalent market share of the 3 segments would become: K12: twenty seventh, Higher Education: fifty eight, Corporate: V-day.

Global Market Leaders

In the educational activity section, on-line courses area unit principally offered by prime on-line universities across the globe. The Open University in London, one in every of the pioneers in distance education, is presently one in every of the biggest suppliers of distance learning Programs to each native and international students in Europe. within the us, the Harvard Extension faculty and also the University of Phoenix area unit renowned for providing a good vary of distance teaching programs. These Programs area unit delivered within the variety of video, live net conference, and hybrid (combination of on-campus and on-line delivery models). At present, U.S. and Europe markets account for quite seventieth of the world distance learning business.

Worldwide Growth Trends

Research corporations area unit optimistic regarding the long run of distance learning. There area unit predictions that by 2019, nearly half all categories worldwide are going to be delivered over the web. The speedy rise of the web technology and also the on-going tutorial revolutions area unit positive signs that the world marketplace for distance learning Programs can still expand. In fact, this foretold growth is clear within the market survey conducted by Study Portals in 2013. supported their survey of the world demand for distance education, all the seven continents is showing interest in adopting distance learning Programs to their education systems. considerably, Europe has the largest interest, with 45%, followed by Asia and Africa with twenty fifth and thirteen, severally.

Asian Market

In Asia, the adoption of distance teaching Programs has been vital in India, China, Pakistan, Asian nation and Malaya over the previous couple of years. The market size of distance learning in India alone was valued at US$20 billion in 2014. China's on-line education market revenue was according to achieve roughly US$13 billion in 2013. With the presence of on-line universities and faculties that area unit providing on-line courses with cheap tuition fees within the region, Asia is additionally turning into a well-liked study destination of the many international students.

distance learning

Some of the foremost distinguished on-line universities providing distance learning Programs in Asia area unit the Open University of China (OUC), peninsula National Open University (KNOU), Open University of Malaya (OUM), Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), association Cyber University, Asia e University, Gandhi Open University (IGNOU), Dutch East Indies Open University and University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU).

African Market

For many analysts, the marketplace for distance learning Programs continues to be in its development stage within the African region. within the last twenty years, distance teaching Programs area unit schooled in the main at the essential education levels. Despite of the increasing range of public and personal establishments providing distance learning programs, the prevailing info and communication technology continues to be shy to fulfill the massive and invasive demand for distance education in Africa.

In the educational activity sector, the 3 well-known on-line universities providing distance learning Programs in Africa area unit the University of South Africa (UNISA), African Virtual University, and National Open University of Federal Republic of Nigeria (NOUN). In 2011, Hanover analysis calculable that but forty fifth of student in Africa area unit registered in educational activity. however with the prevalence of additional virtual campuses, a major increase in tertiary enrolments was discovered within the region within the resulting years. And with the on-going cooperative efforts of native and international agencies specifically the South Africa's Council on educational activity, African Council for distance Education (ACDE), UNESCO and national governments across Africa, analysts area unit optimistic that the marketplace for distance learning Programs within the region are going to be able to cope up with the demand within the years to return.

On a much bigger scale, distance teaching Programs currently play a major role in up the standard of education systems of the many countries round the globe. With the introduction of large Open on-line Courses (MOOCs) in 2012, additional on-line universities, eLearning colleges, distance learning suppliers, and prime faculties and universities were seen to participate during this dynamic education market. The us, UK, China, India, Asian nation, Malaysia, Australia and Africa area unit among of the nations that area unit currently leading the means in distance education. Enrolments in on-line courses in these countries area unit increasing. Today, it's calculable that there area unit around nineteen million students registered in on-line courses in educational activity establishments worldwide.

distance learning

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